WordPress Development

Learning WordPress development begins with many basic questions, including: “In what language is WordPress written?” Another common question is “Should I learn PHP or JavaScript first?” Programming languages are an important topic for site design. We will cover everything you need to get started.

WordPress relies on four languages: HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP. Here we introduce each of the technical languages you will need to get started with WordPress programming.

This section is your main reference for learning all the exciting and interesting things that are available in WordPress templates and themes. This section is the complete source for all the content related to coding and WordPress development.

WordPress Hooks, Actions, and Filters

WordPress plugins and themes interact with core code using WordPress hooks. There are two different types of hooks. Actions: These are used to add or change WordPress functionality. Filters: These are used to alter the functionality of actions. If you’re going to start coding your own plugins, You should familiarize yourself with how actions and …

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Add PHP code to WordPress manually and with plugin

Generally, WordPress doesn’t allow you to add PHP custom codes to your posts or pages. To add PHP codes to your WordPress you have to create or customize a child theme or add the codes in the “functions.php” file or with a plugin. Code Snippet is a small piece of code that you can use …

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How to include PHP files in the WordPress custom plugin?

Developing plugins for WordPress is a great way to extend the functionality of a website and create custom functions for a specific purpose. One of the best ways to do this is by incorporating PHP files into the WordPress plugin. This allows developers to create more complex and powerful plugins and can be used to …

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