Honrix Addon Plugin

Honrix Addon Plugin is a plugin where you can add more features to your WordPress website. In the continue, you will be familiar with this plugin’s features.

At the moment, this plugin contains a beautiful Team Member widget for Elementor. This plugin is under growing development, please be patient to see more.


Google Tag Manager & Google Analytics ID

Add Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics ID to your website without needing any other plugin.

Elementor Widgets

A display website logo that is user-chosen in Customize section.

  • Responsive
  • Customize section
  • Responsive
  • Different desktop menu and mobile menu
  • Powerful settings from Elementor
  • Multi-level

Team Member

honrix addons team member


  • Member image
  • Image style, animation, and border
  • Member Name and style
  • Member Title and style