Hooya is a fast, customizable & beautiful WordPress theme suitable for blogging. It is very lightweight and SEO friendly. Hooya is a mobile-friendly search engine that works fine with it.

This theme offers multiple layouts like grid, masonry, and list, and every layout has multiple designs. Hooya is page builders, Megamenu plugins, and multi-language plugins friendly.




Hooya blog WordPress theme is customizable to suit your website as you want. Hooya offers multiple built-in widgets that you can add in widgets areas to get your website more beautiful.

  • 24/7 Support and Online Documentation
  • Responsive WordPress Blog Theme
  • RTL Ready
  • WordPress Live Theme Customizer
  • Hide / Show Most Elements And Colors
  • Light / Dark Mode
  • Multi Archive Layouts (Grid, Masonry, List)
  • Multi Blog Layouts
  • Static / Sticky Header
  • Fullwidth and Boxed Site Layouts
  • Different Left / Right Sidebar Layout For Different Pages
  • Standart Logo Upload
  • Multi-Level Submenu Support (Mega Menu friendly)
  • Featured Posts Carousel
  • Post Formats:
    • Standard Posts
    • Gallery Posts
    • Quote Posts
    • Chat Posts
    • Video Posts
    • Audio Posts
    • Image Posts
  • Live Color Options
  • Custom Background Image
  • Related Posts
  • Breadcrumbs
  • Share Blog Posts:
    • Mail
    • Facebook
    • Twitter
    • Pinterest
    • Google+
    • Linkedin
    • Tumblr
    • Reddit
    • Pocket
    • WhatsApp
    • Telegram
  • Custom Copyright Input
  • Custom CSS Input
  • Google Tag Manager And Analytics Input
  • Support for Contact Form 7, Post Views Counter, WooCommerce, Yoast SEO
  • Social Media Icons in Header & Footer
  • Translation Ready (WPML friendly)
  • Page Builders friendly
  • SEO Optimized
  • Clean & Commented Code
  • Personal Blog, Food Blog, Elegant Blogging Theme, WordPress Blog


The downloaded zip file contains some files like the original theme and documentation. Unzip the downloaded zip file.

Inside the unzipped folder you can find the “hooya.zip” file. Install it by ordering below.

In your admin panel, go to “Appearance -> Themes” and click the “Add New” button.

wordpress theme install honar systems

Then click the “Upload Theme” button.

Browse the “hooya.zip” from your system and upload it and install it.

After installation, you will see the activation button. Activate the theme.

After activation, you will be redirected to “Hooya Welcome” page.

On this page, you can find how to install required plugins, import demo content, and customization the theme.

As you can see, after installing the “One Click Demo Import” plugin from the Required plugins, you can use the plugin to import demo data.

The required Plugins section will show you how to install and activate plugins.

Hooya Core plugin is required to add some core features. Be sure you have installed it.

As we told you, after activation of the “One Click Demo Import” you can see the “Demo Import” section activated on the “Hooya Welcome” page.

Import Demo Content

If you have your data on your website, we recommend you do not use the Import Demo section, instead add sections and widgets manually that you can read about them below on this page.

If your website is ready and you want to import a demo, follow the steps.

On the “Hooya Welcome” page that you can find in Appearance -> Hooya Theme, Click on the “Import Demo” button.

In this section, you have two options.

  1. Import Demo by Manual Import
  2. Import Demo by clicking the “Import Demo Data” button

In Manual Import, you can find the files in the downloaded theme zip file from the marketplace. Add files in each section and start importing.

But if you choose automatically import, click the “Import Demo Data”.

This page offers you some plugins to install. Click on “Continue & Import” button.

After clicking the button, Importing will be started automatically.

After importing is finished, you will see the below page.

Visit your website by clicking the “Visit Site”.

Widget Areas

Hooya blogging WordPress theme has 18 widget areas by default.

  • Home Before Content: This area will appear only on the home page before the content section.
  • Home After Content: This area will appear only on the home page after the content section.
  • Before Footer: This area will appear before the footer section.
  • Default Left and Right Sidebar: sidebar of the blog, archive, and search page.
  • Post Left and Right Sidebar: sidebar of the post section.
  • Page Left and Right Sidebar: sidebar of the page section
  • Shop Left and Right Sidebar: sidebar of the shop section
  • Product Left and Right Sidebar: sidebar of the single product section
  • 404 Page Left and Right Sidebar: sidebar of the 404 error page.
  • and 3 Footer widget area: By default, there is 3 footer widget area but you can add or remove areas in the customization section.

Customization (Editing Hooya Theme)

Go to the Appearance -> Customize section. In this section, you can see the WordPress default customization section and Hooya theme customization.

  • Hooya Customization: If you visit each section, you will see more help for each item in it.
  • Site Identity: Add site logo, title, and description here.
  • Colors: Customize theme color, text color, title color, background color, and accent color.
  • Header Image: Add a background image in this section for the header of your website.
  • Background Image: Add a background image in this section for your website.
  • Menus: Set menus and their items in this area.
  • Widgets: In this section, you will see widget areas of the Hooya theme. You can add widgets to your selected widget area to display in their place. If you add any widget to sidebars, the sidebar will be displayed, otherwise, it will not.
  • Home Page Settings: Set the home page and blog page in this area to display.
  • Additional CSS: Add your custom CSS in this box.
  • Others: other sections are added by plugins.

Hooya Customization:

If you visit each section, you will see more help for each item in it.

  • Share Buttons: This item is added by the “Hooya Core” plugin and contains settings of share buttons for posts and pages.
  • Meta Settings: This item is added by the “Hooya Core” plugin and contains Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics settings.
  • Typography: Insert Google Font URL for embed and header fonts, Insert Google font family, Change the font size of the content, Change line-height of the content, Change letter space of the content, and change heading (h1 – h6) font sizes.
  • Theme: Layout Mode (wide or boxed), boxed size, hide or display to top button, hide or display loading page, and the animation of the loading page.
  • Header: Static / Sticky header, Change header theme (3 themes), Change header section background color, Change header section text color (not links), Change header section links color, Change header section links color in mouse hover.
  • Archive: Choose blog, archive, and search list layout, blog theme, columns to display, and more.
  • Post & Page: Display wide or boxed all posts thumbnails, Change post and page theme, and more.
  • Comments: Hide or display all comment sections from posts and pages, Write close comment messages, and more.
  • Sidebar: Sticky sidebar. Hide or display the right sidebar of the blog, Hide or display the left sidebar of the blog, and more.
  • Footer: Hide or display website footer, Wide or boxed footer of the website, and more.
  • Copyright: Hide or display website copyright section, Wide or boxed copyright section of the website, and more.

Post Types

Hooya supports post types that you can change the type according to your content.




Note: sometimes in editing or after changing the post type of the post, the above sections didn’t appear. To fix this change the post type to another type like the video to audio and change it reversely.

Hooya Core Plugin

Hooya Core plugin is a plugin that adds built-in widgets, like Slider, Category, About Me and Post Display.

Built-in widgets are widgets that you can add to your widget areas in the “Appearance” menu in the “Widgets” section.

Also, you can edit them in the place you have been added by clicking on each widget.

1- Hooya Slider

2- Hooya About Me

3- Hooya Category

4- Latest Posts