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PHP Array Search

In this tutorial, we are going to learn how to work with PHP array search functions and methods like search array by PHP array_search() built-in function and PHP loops.

PHP array_search() function

PHP array_search() function, searches the array for a given value. It returns the first corresponding key if the search was successful.

array_search(search_term, array, strict);
search_termRequiredThe searched value
arrayRequiredThe array
strictOptionalIf it is “true” then the function will search for identical elements in the array. It will perform a strict type (objects must be in the same instance) comparison of the search_term in the arra.
Returned ValueReturns the key for search_term if it is found in the array, if the search action isn’t successful then returns “false”.

If there is more than one element that matches the search term, the first matching key is returned.

$cars = array('fer' => 'Ferrari', 'ben' => 'Benz', 'bmw' => 'BMW', 'vol' => 'Volvo');

var_dump(array_search('Benz', $cars));



array_keys() function to search array in PHP

In PHP, the array_search() function returns the first key of the search_term if it is found. To return the keys for all matching values, use the array_keys() function with the optional search_term parameter instead.

array_keys(array, search_term);
$cars = array('fer' => 'Ferrari', 'ben' => 'Benz', 'bmw' => 'BMW', 'ben2' => 'Benz');

var_dump(array_keys($cars, 'Benz'));


array (size=2)
  0 => string 'ben' (length=3)
  1 => string 'ben2' (length=4)

PHP array_key_exists() function

array_key_exists() is a built-in PHP function to check if the given key exists in the array or not. This function returns “true” if the given key is set in the array.

$cars = array('fer' => 'Ferrari', 'ben' => 'Benz', 'bmw' => 'BMW', 'vol' => 'Volvo');

var_dump(array_key_exists('ben', $cars));



in_array() function to array search

PHP in_array() function checks if a value exists in an array or not.

$cars = array('fer' => 'Ferrari', 'ben' => 'Benz', 'bmw' => 'BMW', 'vol' => 'Volvo');

var_dump(in_array('Benz', $cars));


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