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Programming Languages and Their Types

For once you have thought about the highest paying jobs in the world, it is impossible not to have seen the name of programming among some of the top and highest paying jobs in the world!

It is better to say that programming is not just a job; Rather, it is a skill that is used in every profession and industry. It is interesting to know that businesses that are related to programming earn more. For this reason, programmers are not unemployed and always have something to do, and if you look carefully, every organization needs a programmer.

It is wrong to say that programming is only for computer students and is not related to other fields. Because programming experts are needed and used in most fields, especially medical and economic fields. In the following, we will introduce you to programming languages and their types.

Programming is an attractive and demanding profession that has different languages. The question is, which programming language is widely used? In programming, the first step you should take is to know programming languages and their types of use. Before anything else, you should fully familiarize yourself with the features of the programming language.

Web or Windows programming languages?

In my opinion, it is better to get enough information about programming languages and their types. We must say that choosing these two items is a difficult dilemma for programmers. Because each of these languages is widely used in turn. If you want to enter the world of programming, you should choose one of these branches.

In the rest of this article, we will introduce you to the web and Windows programming language.

Web programming

If you want to earn money abroad, web programming is a good option for this. In web programming, various types of web software are produced, which are used for various tasks such as services, stores, introducing goods and products of companies and factories, etc.

All the websites that you see on your mobile phone or desktop with a simple search in Google are all done by web programmers.

Web programming has made a lot of noise these days, and perhaps one of the benefits it has had is the development of businesses, in other words, it has made most of them able to better introduce and sell their products to customers.

Windows programming

You can design and run Windows software with the help of this language. One of the features of programming on the web is that you don’t need to communicate anywhere, it is also fast and you have full access to the user’s view, that is, you can display anything you want, and in this sense, it is better than the web; Because you cannot show everything to the user on the web.

Types of programming languages and their applications

In addition to being useful, programming is also fun. Each programming language has its own charm. It is enough to learn a little about programming languages and their use.

Well, in my opinion, the most important part of the article starts here! Those who are interested in programming and intend to enter this field must choose one of the programming languages. Choosing a programming language requires a detailed understanding of its use. In the rest of this article, we have described programming languages and their types along with their features.


This programming language, as its name suggests, is a popular snake in the programming world. Python is used in almost all fields and is considered one of the multi-purpose languages. Why did we mention Python in the first place? Because Python is a suitable and interesting language for learning programming for newcomers.

Famous companies like Google, Yahoo, NASA, Facebook, etc. use Python. Python is used in artificial intelligence, website script language development, data analysis, and machine learning. But the interesting and perhaps scary part of the story is that Python has been introduced as one of the best hacking tools and most of the work of hackers is done with this language.

Of course, artificial intelligence itself is a very broad topic that we have mentioned separately in a specialized article on this website.

C# (C sharp)

This language is one of the top 5 programming languages in the world and is popular among programmers. Learning C# is not a difficult task because it is one of the high-level languages and learning high-level languages is naturally easier. So as a result, you can easily learn all the instructions in this language. C# is often used to create desktop or Windows applications, on the web, to produce computer games and mobile versions.

C++ (C plus plus) is one of the high-level programming languages

C++ is one of the object-oriented and high-level languages. With the help of this language, you can do all the work related to the operating system. In addition to this, you can use it to build different sections and layers of the operating system, including windows, (macOS, iOS, Linux, software production, game development for various consoles and the web, and mobile and tablet programming).

A part of the intelligentization of cars is again related to the use of the C++ language. Also, this language is used in the medical industry in the production and manufacture of medical equipment.


Maybe you have heard the name of this language a lot these days. As you can see, JavaScript is a popular programming language for web page design, which can be easily designed using HTML and CSS languages.

JavaScript or js, which is the abbreviation of the word (Java Script), can change the HTML and CSS codes. The beginning of the site design is with HTML, which is the skeleton and structure of the site, of course, to make the skeleton of the website more beautiful, CSS should be used, and the way of arranging images, any changes, etc., is also determined with this language.

JavaScript is object-oriented, dynamic, and interpretive. This language is used on the server and user sides.

PHP is one of the most-demand web programming languages

PHP is one of the new technologies added to JavaScript and is done on the server and user side. This language has interesting server-side features for programmers. That is why PHP has been introduced as one of the popular programming languages for website design.


Those who are interested in programming must have heard the name MATLAB many times. MATLAB is a fourth-generation programming language and one of the high-level languages. This language is a combination of two words matrix and laboratory and is known as Matlab.

MATLAB is not an open-source language and you have to pay for its preparation, in which case you can use it for 30 days. MATLAB is a software package in which you can perform your numerical calculations. This language is mostly used in the fields of engineering, physics, chemistry, and mathematics.

Among these applications, we can mention computational biology, film and image processing, computational finance, and automatic control systems.

Speak the languages of engineers!

If by reading this article you decide to enter the world of programming and say hello to it, it is better to choose the language you want to learn first. As we said before, programming languages have different capabilities and each one is used in different professions and industries.

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