What Is Artificial Intelligence

What Is Artificial Intelligence?

Maybe when you hear the term artificial intelligence (AI), your mind subconsciously goes to science fiction movies and animations. It is true that artificial intelligence covers a part of the behind-the-scenes of these films; But what is artificial intelligence? Did you know that artificial intelligence is used in the same smartphones you are working with?!

With the progress that artificial intelligence is making in the field of technology, without a doubt, from now on, it is the machine that will decide for us what clothes to wear, what songs to listen to, etc. All professional and scientific fields have left and will leave their impact.

Definition of artificial intelligence

In fact, when you talk about AI, you enter a strange world of machine work. The principle is that it thinks like a human and works like a human. AI is actually a kind of simulation of human-to-machine behavior.

With the progress of artificial intelligence in all fields, it is predicted that in the next 10 years, this science will become a part of our lives, and artificial intelligence will be needed at any point in time.

We have a long way to go to achieve what we see in fictional movies; But as you know, nothing is impossible and it is possible. If you are struggling with the definition of AI or what AI is, we must say that there is no precise definition of this science; But if we want to say a general definition. “Artificial intelligence (AI) is a branch of computer science that is used in making intelligent machines and has human behavior.”

This may seem a little vague with these definitions. In the following article, we will complete the answer to the question of what is artificial intelligence and explain its applications of that to you.

Applications of artificial intelligence

The idea of creating intelligent beings that can do human tasks sparked AI in the mind of Alan Turing, the father of AI. Turing was the first to use the science of AI in the construction of a code-breaking device. Later, with the spread of artificial intelligence, this science was used in other fields in addition to computer science.

Most of us probably do not feel the use of AI in our lives, if we pay attention, we will find that everything from household appliances to other industrial and medical equipment is derived from AI. Now that you have more or less understood what AI is, it is not bad to know a little more about the applications.


Today, mobile phone manufacturers use this science more in making their mobile phones. Many of these manufacturers owe the development of their product capabilities to the use of artificial intelligence. Of course, it goes without saying that AI is not specific to mobile phones; Rather, this science is used in all technologies, from medicine to education, the automotive industry, etc.

First of all, we will talk about smartphones, which these days have made noise all over the world and have created tight competition between mobile phone manufacturing companies. There is hardly anyone who does not know about smartphones and does not know how to use them.

To put it simply, the portrait photo option in iPhone and Google Pixel phones is derived from AI. In general, the high quality of mobile phone cameras is related to the use of artificial intelligence.

Of course, this option was transferred to the mobile phones of the Android version. It goes without saying that AI is not only used in the quality of mobile photography, but also in other mobile phone features.

Smart cars and drones

The automotive industry is one of the leading professions in the world and has many fans. Until the last few years, it was difficult to imagine a car or an unmanned aircraft. But today, with the advancement of artificial intelligence, it is possible, and until now, famous car companies, including Tesla, have used this knowledge in the construction of their cars.

You must have acquired some information about drones by now. Companies such as Amazon, and Walmart are thinking of building drones that will be used to send and transfer orders, and with the use of AI, this will be possible in the not-so-distant future.

In addition, militaries around the world have produced unmanned fighter jets using AI. With a little attention to the world around you, you will notice the impact of artificial intelligence on your life, which has made your career and work easier to some extent.

Media and music in the world of artificial intelligence

Another popular service that you use on a daily basis is listening to different types of music, which you do through music streaming software. If you want to play the song you want, artificial intelligence will decide for you. You might think that artificial intelligence has limited you; But this is not the case, in fact, artificial intelligence acts as a recommender for you.

One of the famous software that most users use these days to watch different movies is YouTube, and everyone is familiar with the environment of this program. You may be interested in YouTube’s recommended video section, which is exactly according to your taste, and there are many questions about how YouTube recognizes the topic you need, all related to the functions of artificial intelligence.

Smart home appliances

The arrival of this science in the home appliance industry As we mentioned earlier, artificial intelligence has made things easier. When we talk about the impact of AI, we mean exactly that, making things easier.

All the devices in your home, from washing machines to vacuum cleaners, etc., are designed in such a way that they meet your needs, in fact, they behave similarly to human behavior and give you different suggestions for performing tasks, which should be selected from among several items. Choose a method to perform the action.

The acceleration of artificial intelligence in its growth and development will increase the number of these home devices in the near future and will be updated in terms of quality compared to previous versions.

A collection of e-commerce services

E-commerce has become more popular these days. By the way, the entry of artificial intelligence into this field has been fruitful and has played an important role in various business sectors. The benefits of e-commerce include increasing sales, creating loyal customers, detecting fake goods, preventing financial fraud, etc. Many large financial companies use AI to manage their capital.

Most people, especially those who work in the economic field, are more or less familiar with digital currency. Auto trader programs use artificial intelligence to scan information and data, as well as the fall and rise of a stock or basket.

In addition to these, due to the electronification of many businesses, buying and selling goods and products has become easy for both customers and sellers. With a little research on online business and trading, you will find the application of AI.

AI in medicine

The use of artificial intelligence in the construction of medical devices has greatly contributed to medical science. Maybe before the discovery of AI, it was a little more difficult for doctors to diagnose diseases and human error in surgery had a great negative effect, but later, medical centers using artificial intelligence devices and technologies have made it easier to conduct medical research and diagnose diseases.

Artificially intelligent face and speech recognition

With a simple image search on Google, you can find all images and photos about various topics. Google’s image recognition power comes back to the use of AI. With a simple browse through Google Play, you’ll probably find several types of facial recognition software, including Snapchat and other photo editing apps.

This is used in all these programs, which have many applications in the field of content production. Among the applications of AI in speech, we can mention Skype translator, and Google Translate, which translates into different languages ​​of the world.

Text recognition is important for the world’s difficult languages, including Chinese, which has complex characters, because the influence of the Chinese is greater in the world economy and has an impact on their market.


Part of the answer to the question of what is artificial intelligence comes back to cyberspace. With the growth speed of technology, maybe some new technologies are not yet available in your country or city and you are not benefiting from its impact on your life. But in fact, what you use daily, even if you are in the farthest part of the world, you definitely have access to a mobile phone.

The virtual spaces that you use throughout the day have all benefited from artificial intelligence. The capabilities of these programs are different and each has its own platform.

The way that artificial intelligence has been used in the creation of virtual space, including Instagram, WhatsApp, Telegram, Twitter, Facebook, etc., monitors all your behaviors, web searches, actions, and communications and plans this experience just for you. This is why cyberspace is addictive and AI has made you visit these spaces several times a day and repeat this action over and over again.

Parts of artificial intelligence

Since AI consists of different groups and branches:

  1. Expert system
  2. Natural language processing
  3. Robotics
  4. Neural network
  5. Fary’s logic
  6. Machine learning

It is among the branches of artificial intelligence that the robotics branch has found many fans among this category and has created a strange world of robots in the world. Building human-like robots that have completely human actions and behavior, which is on the one hand alarming and on the other hand very interesting and surprising.

Of course, AI has been defined at different levels, which we have mentioned in the following article on what is AI.

Artificial intelligence in 3 levels

Many consider the use of AI as the same as its types. But in fact, it is not like this, artificial intelligence has 3 levels of general, limited, and super AI that can help you answer the question of what is artificial intelligence.

Limited Artificial Intelligence (ANI) is known as weak AI and focuses on a single task. We use limited AI on a daily basis. Google, translation software, Alexa, and Microsoft Cortana are among the tools that have used limited AI in their creation.

Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) is a machine that can; Like a human being, understands the world around him and the ability to perform various tasks. General artificial intelligence has just arrived, and although some say that there are no traces of it at the moment, we can see them in science fiction movies. This type of AI can think like a human and perform all the tasks that humans do during the day.

Artificial Super Intelligence (ASI) This level of AI is a little surprising. This level of artificial intelligence will emerge in the not-so-distant future. Super artificial intelligence is something beyond a human and has surpassed humans in everything, and we will soon see these machines.

The difference between AI and programming

Another issue that has caught some people’s minds on the topic of artificial intelligence is the difference between artificial intelligence and programming. Programming has certain instructions according to which problems and equations can be solved and the desired result can be obtained; But in the science of AI, this is not the case, and the inputs are very diverse, for this reason, one dimension of the problem cannot be included with the normal command code, for example, in the text-to-voice conversion system or face recognition, whose input data are very different, we have to We use different models of AI.

A different AI experience

Of course, it should be noted that artificial intelligence does not perform flawlessly in the implementation of algorithms, and there is still room to increase its accuracy in executing commands, which again requires human science and knowledge.

Fortunately, the science of AI has made significant progress, and designers and activists in the field of computer science have used it in various fields, including the construction of various equipment and applications, and it continues to this day.