run a WordPress website with Astra

How To Run a WordPress Website With Astra?

In this article, we are going to discuss how to run a WordPress website with the Astra theme. We assume you have a WordPress that was installed before. There is no difference between installing the Astra WordPress theme on the server and the local host.

How to install the Astra theme on WordPress?

To install the Astra theme you can do it like other themes.

Go to “Appearance -> Themes”.

run a WordPress website with Astra

In the installed themes section, you can choose “Add New Themes” or click on the “Add New” button.

Search “Astra” in the search box or upload the theme if you downloaded it from another source. Download Astra

run a WordPress website with Astra

Click on the “Install” button.

After installation, you will see a box like the following image at the top of the page.

After clicking on the “Get Started” button you will be redirected to the installation page of the Astra theme.

Therefore you can click on the “Starter Templates” to import Astra starter templates.

run a WordPress website with Astra

In this page click on the “Build Your Website Now” button to see the starter templates list.

On this page, you can choose which page builder you want to use.

If you choose one of the page builders, the templates of the page builder will be displayed.

Choose which one of the templates you like to import and select it. Your demo starter template will start importing.

This step may take a few minutes, then be patient to be finished. If you close the importing page, if you try to import again, you may see duplicate content after importing.

After finishing importing the starter template, your website is ready and you can see what it looks like.

Click on the “Visit Your Website” button to see your website.

run a WordPress website with Astra

Your website will be exactly the same as your chosen template.

Now your website is ready with demo content. You can change the content like texts and pictures of your website in the theme’s settings and the settings of your chosen page builder. For example, if you choose Elementor, you will see “Edit with Elementor” at the top of the page.

Running the WordPress website with the Astra theme is easy because of the great starter templates that it has.

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