how to run wordpress neve theme

How To Run a WordPress Website With Neve?

To start designing a website with WordPress, the first step is to install a template according to the user’s or customer’s wishes. Therefore, in this tutorial, you will learn how to install the Neve template in WordPress, one of the thousands of templates available.

Install the Neve WordPress template in just 5 steps

1- To start installing the template in WordPress, first select the Appearance section from the Dashboard page to search for the new theme, Neve, through the themes.

wordpress neve

Select the Neve theme.

2- On the left side, the advantages of using the Neve template and its applications are briefly explained so you could choose Neve as your site template by reading it and according to your needs.

wordpress neve

3- So, to start setting up the site, installing the template is essential. After installing the template, the activation option will be shown, which we must click on to continue working.

4- Now the Neve theme is installed in your WordPress and can be used. If you want to learn more about the Neve format, you can access more details via the Documentation. By selecting the “Try one of our ready to use Starter Sites” option, the Neve Options section will be displayed for you, which includes ready sample templates.

wordpress neve

Now you can choose the format you want according to your taste and needs.

5- By inserting all template pages and ready sample sites, necessary plugins and add-ons will be automatically installed in the template.

By choosing the option of inserting all the template sheets, it will be done according to the image.

wordpress neve

By selecting the option of importing ready-made sample sites, the corresponding plugins will be installed.

Now the only remaining step is that you can start designing the website by viewing the website of your choice.

Nowadays, corporate WordPress templates have attracted the attention of most customers and users because product introduction and sales are associated with attractive and unique items. So you can choose the formats you need by considering its different demos.

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