WordPress Development

Learning WordPress development begins with many basic questions, including: “In what language is WordPress written?” Another common question is “Should I learn PHP or JavaScript first?” Programming languages are an important topic for site design. We will cover everything you need to get started.

WordPress relies on four languages: HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP. Here we introduce each of the technical languages you will need to get started with WordPress programming.

This section is your main reference for learning all the exciting and interesting things that are available in WordPress templates and themes. This section is the complete source for all the content related to coding and WordPress development.

Add PHP code to WordPress manually and with plugin

Code Snippet is a small piece of code that you can use on your WordPress site and increase the features, capabilities, and performance of the site. It is true that plugins are at the forefront of increasing the performance of WordPress websites, especially for non-experts, but sometimes it is very difficult to find a plugin …

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How to Remove Product Tabs in WooCommerce

Sometimes you don’t need product tabs in WooCommerce. Sometimes to design and increase the user experience you have to know how to remove product tabs in WooCommerce on the WordPress website. To remove product tabs, follow the below steps. WooCommerce default product tabs are “Description”, “Aditional Information” and “Reviews” tabs. Remove Product Description Tab The …

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How to Enable Debugging in WordPress

The first thing you should do when developing a WordPress plugin or theme is to enable debugging mode in WordPress. Debugging PHP code is part of any project, and WordPress is not exceptional. If your code or other codes have something wrong, WordPress raises warnings and error messages. If you can’t see any message, maybe …

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How to Add Custom Meta Boxes in WordPress Posts

Do you want to create custom meta boxes for your WordPress posts, pages, and other post types? When a user edits a post, the edit screen is composed of several default boxes: Editor, Publish, Categories, Tags, etc. These boxes are meta boxes. Most of the time, meta boxes in WordPress are created to increase better …

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How to use jquery in WordPress?

WordPress is old enough, yet the method of adding scripts properly to themes and plugins still remains a mystery for many developers. Using JQuery in WordPress is not exceptional. jQuery is a fast, small, and feature-rich JavaScript library for creating unique, dynamic, and engaging websites. This library is one of the most used libraries of …

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Create Elementor custom widget

Elemntor has many great widgets that added whit Elementor and Elemntor Pro, but if you need create your own Elementor widget, follow the steps. Open “functions.php” file of the theme and add below code. Create ” example” folder in your root of the theme and create ” example.php” in it. Open ” example.php” file and …

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